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PTO Wood Chippers by Wood Chippers Canada

Wood Chippers Canada is pleased to offer a line up of PTO wood chippers sure to meet your budget and needs. 

Powered by the PTO drive shaft of your tractor, these PTO wood chippers have the ability to chip branches and logs as big as 8" in diameter! These units are made of up to and over 800 lbs of thick steel and are finished with a powder coat paint to ensure they will endure nature's elements. 

The PC8M mechanical in feed style chipper was designed as an economical light duty wood chipper for customers with light chipping projects. Stepping up from this chipper is the PC8H hydraulic in feed chipper capable of chipping faster and with more control than the PC8M. For customers looking for an even better chipper with loads more features and better chipping capacity, the Woodland Mills WC88 chipper is the way to go. Weighing in at over 1,000 lbs, this heavy duty chipper will chip more material even faster than the PC8 series chippers while offering customers with more features and less maintenance.  This truly is the best valued and featured 8” PTO chipper on the market today.